Lights & Space / by Trevor Pickard

Since 2014 has been the least productive year- in terms of where I'd like my photography to be- I changed my focus into what tools would allow me to approach the style of photography with the most efficiency, use of portability while giving me the quality to endure the abuse my nomad-style of shooting requires.

While traveling across the continental U.S. for the better half of this year, training for 2 marathons, transitioning from living on one coast to the next and embracing the start of 2015 in a direction that will take me far from beaches and back in front of a whiteboard and behind a camera is all very exciting, I haven't made the opportunity to settle into creating a studio that would allow me to stretch the ensemble of equipment I've accumulated.


  • Profoto 3' hexagon softbox lite with 2 Nikon SB-900 synced with Cactus V5 triggers and a Alien Bee 800W strobe. What I was most thrilled with was having the room to place a Nikon D610 FX camera and attaching it to my Nikkor 70-200mm 2.8/f