Chicago Marathon Weekend 10.12.14 / by Trevor Pickard

 I couldn't think of a better way to introduce my first blog post than with a subject that clearly defines my personality and lifestyle. After moving from Southern California to Atlantic Beach, FL this past July,  I put in 600+ combined miles of running to prepare for the Chicago Marathon. I wanted to visually document a solid starting point for the physical change I expect to experience as I transition into training for a full Ironman triathlon this Spring. A week prior to race day, as I reaching my peak fitness,  I envisioned taking sunrise shots on the beach I spent hours and days training on and luckily I had my good friend and roommate Josh capture some shots for me. 


Even though my carry-on consist mostly of camera equipment for the mini-vacation I made of a long weekend in Chicago, I didn't document hardly any of my trip. But, sometimes that's the most memorable way of remember things, in the moment and attached with those current feelings and emotions. 

 My cousin Lauren is one young lady I adore more than I can come to realize. Given I come from such a small and distant family, I don't get to see those I would like to make closest to me so when our world's do collide I embrace every minute of it. Out of all the time spend together, the most memorable part of my trip was a book of poetry Lauren wrote, published and welcomingly shared before I left. My favorite poem is titled 'Beyond'-refrigerator approved.