carbon fiber road bike

Addition to the Family | Trek Speed Concept 9 series by Trevor Pickard

When I first got into this sport back in college, I always envisioned if I had the tools to perform at my ultimate potential- I won't be left with any excuse on not reaching it. 

So after 5 years of drifting between several forms of lender bikes including my economics professor's bike (female frame, 2 sizes too small), a single-tubed steel frame road bike my dad proudly bought in 1978 and I used to race two half Ironman races with the original gum-wall tires;     I saved 4 years worth of shoe box money to find my dream bike:

2014 Trek Speed Concept 9.8 series triathlon bike 

Bontager Aerolus 9.0 carbon wheelset 

Ultegra components